About Us – GI Gourmet Nuts



GI Gourmet Nuts are an Australian family-owned business with over 15 years of experience producing high quality products.

Here at GI Gourmet we take pride in being an Australian brand and creating quality products using premium nuts which are carefully slow roasted to bring out their delicate bouquet of flavours.


Our Gourmet nut range is Australia’s favourite! We also offer a variety of World-inspired sensational Flavours which we roast weekly.


We are known to develop new flavours continuously and cater to different dietary requirements. We offer Cholesterol and Trans-fat free product options


  • Our products do not stick or clump
  • Our products provide a baked-on-coating
  • Our sensational world-inspired flavours is the ingredient that sets our product apart

Who are we?

We are a part of Australia’s leading producer of value-added flavor roasted nuts.

We are Australia’s Gourmet Nut Flavour Roasting Specialist, and offer a range of world inspired sensational flavours which are baked and roasted onto a large variation of nuts.

Operating for over 8 years we supply our vending machines and products to all Clubs and Pubs industry.

Our fantastic taste sensations include Honey Roasted Cashews and Peanuts, Thai Sweet Chilli, Canadian Maple, Moroccan Tajine, Salted Caramel Peanuts just to name a few!

We are developing new flavours continuously. We flavour-roast with our unique process which bakes on delicious flavours.

Our unique range is GLUTEN FREE, CHOLESTEROL FREE, and TRANS FAT FREE because we do not cook in oil. We are food safety certified to the highest levels and our product range is certified HALAL and KOSHER.


Our Roasting Technique

By carefully dry roasting our premium whole nuts, we bring out the delicate bouquet of flavours that sets our product apart.

We specialise in the upscale and volume manufacture of gourmet products that maintain product integrity and quality.

Our caramelised roasting process is capable of flavour roasting of all nut varieties. This unique roasting process roasts the nuts until the onset of flavour development.

The coating on the nuts provides a crunchy, roasted texture. The coating ensures a free-flowing and no sticking.

Continuing the Australian tradition.

As an Australian owned company, we source quality Australian produce and proudly make our products locally. We specialise in the upscale and volume manufacture of gourmet products that maintain product integrity and quality.

Who are we?

My name is Irene Moraitis & I am the director of sales for GI GOURMET NUTS

We are Australian family owned company who have been in business for over 15 years.

GI Gourmet has been successful for years due to our superior products and fantastic vending machines. Our nut vending machines are the ONLY ones that can carry 3 different nut varieties at the same time. Our machines dispense the nuts WARM and fresh, we are also the only ones that carry very popular Gourmet nuts such as, Moroccan, Salted Caramel, Honey Roasted, Thai sweet chilli just to mention a few as well as the salted varieties.

A Product Like No Other

Our vending machines come supplied with double wall paper cups for health reasons (no foam or plastic.) These are specially designed with a wide bottom to prevent tipping over (no nuts all over the floor). Each vending drop around 70g of nuts with 100% accurate.

Our Salted nuts get roasted weekly & delivered to you fresh, we provide exceptional customer service that’s our promise to you.

There is a choice for the vending machine to stay on its own stand or on the bar.

We also have options to buy bulk vacuum sealed or packets that are 50g and 150g. An amazing benefit of using GI Gourmet Nuts is that we have no contracts to tie you down & we give you the options to try us for 3 months and if you are not 100% satisfied we will remove the machine NO PROBLEM.