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What Makes Us Unique?

Most Companies only sell regular salted Nuts, which are all that is available.

Quality nuts like Honey glazed & Thai Sweet Chilli Peanuts and Moroccan coated Cashews; Salted Caramel Peanuts are just not available.

The hot nut Dispensing machines get customers queuing up to experience the unique taste of their Gourmet Roasted Nuts.

The unique point of difference is that Gourmets Nut Company’s ability to constantly apply delicious coating to their nuts that delivers a “handmade” quilt loved by its customers.

The Gourmet nuts are superior to any other coated nuts on the market due to their unique coating process that has been specially developed to produce a delicious flavor.

Great look and absolutely no sticking or clumping. It provides the nut with great roasted texture and locks in the flavor and freshness for continued enjoyment.