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We are a part of Australia’s leading producer of value-added flavor roasted nuts.

We are Australia’s Gourmet Nut Flavour Roasting Specialist, and offer a range of world inspired sensational flavours which are baked and roasted onto a large variation of nuts.

Operating for over 8 years we supply our vending machines and products to all Clubs and Pubs industry.

Our fantastic taste sensations include Honey Roasted Cashews and Peanuts, Thai Sweet Chilli, Canadian Maple, Moroccan Tajine, Salted Caramel Peanuts just to name a few!

We are developing new flavours continuously.

We flavour-roast with our unique process which bakes on delicious flavours. Our unique range is GLUTEN FREE, CHOLESTEROL FREE, and TRANS FAT FREE because we do not cook in oil.

We are food safety certified to the highest levels and our product range is certified HALAL and KOSHER.