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Sell gourmet nuts with our vending machines in Sydney

G I Gourmet Nuts Vending provides high quality vending machines. For the sale of gourmet nuts in Sydney. Give your customers a great snack option with our quality venders.

Each machine offers a slim design that allows you to place it in the best location for your business, and a safe and hygienic vending system that meets all food health and safety standards.

Dispensing delicious gourmet nuts, these machines are bound to keep your customers happy, and are fully serviced and managed by us, so you never need to worry about maintenance.

We have specially trained staff who are just waiting to help, so please feel free to ask for our advice.

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GI Gourmet Nuts

Sydney | Australia

Mobile: 0400435 060



The Gourmet nuts are superior to any other coated nuts on the market due to their unique coating process that has been specially developed to produce a delicious flavour.

Great look and absolutely no sticking or clumping. It provides the nut with great roasted texture and locks in the flavour and freshness for continued enjoyment.

The Benefits Are:

  • 70g of nuts per drop (other company 50g only). s of big variety of nuts.
  • Most Companies only sell regular salted Nuts, which are all that is available.
  • Quality nuts like Honey glazed & Thai Lime Sweet Chilli Peanuts and Moroccan coated Cashews, BBQ Cashews & Peanuts are just not available.
  • The hot nut Dispensing machines get customers queuing up, & come back for more.
  • Roasted Fresh Weekly.
  • We PAY YOU 20% Commission, of the takings.
  • Dispensed warm.
  • Bar or Stand Mounted.
  • Local Representative calls weekly.
  • Delicious 8 Varieties. (Incl. Moroccan Cashews, Thai Chili Peanuts, Honey Peanuts, Salted Caramel Peanuts
  • Salted peanuts, Salted Roasted Cashews)
  • Australian gourmet nuts.
  • There are NO Contracts to tie you down.

We are also responsible for filing up the machines, Cary out insurance, keep them clean & full all the time. Also, we are available to call us any time 24/7 for your convenience.

(The machine measurements are: Height 700mm Wide 560mm Depth 230mm, with STAND is: 1590mm.)

We can come in and leave with you same samples to help you make an informed decision that can potentially increase your beverages’ sales. We are looking forward to hearing from you VERY SOON

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Now available for sale our Hot Nut Dispensing machines for you to start your own Vending Machine Business!! Start earning extra income with minimum capital and time and a lot of support from our past 14 years experiences in this field.

Call and ask how we can help you get started.

Irene 0400 435 060