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We have been proudly operating for over 15 years right across the Sydney region and now look forward to providing our services to the fantastic business’s in the Central Coast region.

Over these years we have developed many successful partnerships with flagship Sydney clubs such as Panthers Leagues Club, Liverpool Catholic Club and many more.

We offer a unique array of gourmet nuts and high-quality vending machines that disperse the nuts hot & fresh to your customers every time. We also offer as well clear packet nuts, and boxed bulk purchasing options. GI gourmet nuts offer the complete service of replenishing stock of the vending machines and providing maintenance to the vending machines for you on a regular schedule.

Services offered

We offer:

  • Flexible minimum order quantities in various pack sizes 50g,100g 150g

  • High barrier packaging materials

Nitrogen flushing or full vacuum for maximum preservation


Bulk packs & lining

  • Our bulk ranges are available in: 1kg bags, 5kg box

  • 10kg foil vacuum sealed box


  • 70g of nuts per drop (other company 50g only)
  • Double wall paper cup and lids
  • Roasted Fresh Weekly
  • We PAY YOU 20% Commission, of the takings
  • Dispensed warm
  • Bar or Stand Mounted
  • Local Representative calls weekly
  • Delicious 8 Varieties, Incl Honey roasted Cashews, Salted Caramel Peanuts, Honey Peanuts, Canadian Maple Cashews, Salted Peanuts, Salted Roasted Cashews, Club Spicy Mix
  • Australian owned Company
  • There are NO Contracts to tie you down


We are also responsible for filing up the machines,

Cary out insurance, keep them clean & full all the time.

Also, we are available to call us any time 24/7,


The machine measurements are:

 H: 700mm W: 560mm D: 230mm, with STAND: 1590mm


I would really appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to:

  • Introduce our unique service offering
  • Discuss how we can cater the GI gourmet nuts service offering to integrate with your business and at no risk provide your business with profit and client satisfaction results
  • Provide you sampling packs from our fresh nut range to verify the quality for yourself
  • Provide you with referrals from our many very satisfied customers
  • Provide additional information and assist with answering any questions


Delicious Varieties. (Incl. Canadian Maple Cashews, Honey Cashews, and Peanuts, Salted caramel peanuts as well all the Savory Varieties Sea Salt Roasted Cashews, Salted Peanuts, Club spicy Snack Mix

The Gourmet nuts are superior to any other on the market, due to their unique coating process

Please contact me on my details below to arrange a day & time to meet that is convenient for you.

Irene Moraitis 
Director of sales
02 4392 4257
0400 435 060